Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney how many of their clients graduated highschool…. It's rare.

Those who do graduate will have the 36th lowest test scores of any country. Those that fall off the conveyer belt will live in poverty and in prison. Their children will exhibit the same cycle but start life with a substantially lower vocabulary.

If we truly wanted safer streets we would solve the education problem. Growing up without a quality education is the common denominator among criminals, in case no one has noticed. 

What if their were a place where uneducated people ended up? What if there were a way to start making a notable difference?  What if we could bring education to that place?

A new system of education has recently been growing in popularity around the world that uses the cloud. A teacher from the poorest area of Mexico who used these methods took his students from all failing to all topping test scores across Mexico… In 1 year. Some commentators are openly saying this method will induce a generation of geniuses. By the way, if you're wondering why such a system hasn't taken off in popularity, it's because federal testing restrictions suppress it, as well as many other methods which are better than our current model. These new models actually offer far better ways of measuring student achievement and learning anyway. 

Because the method is hands off, a teacher is not required to be present. Students learn through the cloud. Student participation is actually MORE encouraged by the students' natural curiosity.

The Khan Academy is currently considered one of the best schools on Earth (it is verifiably the biggest school on earth), and it is also free online. These two systems actually compliment each other very well.

Systems like these could be easily integrated into our jail systems. Computer tablets are now inexpensive enough for this.


Until there are no more people committing crimes or a prison system that is costing us $74 Billion dollars a year, we could be applying the educational capabilities we have to the idol minds waiting in their cells.

If we turned every jail and prison in this country into an educational facility, we would be injecting a massive amount of intelligence into our public domain. Right where it's needed most.

Is a 99% global literacy rate achievable without this innovation?

Between 1987 and 2007, states spending on incarceration grew at 6 times the rate of spending on higher education.

Jill Webb puts it best:

“We can have prisons or we can have schools, but we can’t have both”  

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